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Dive into Colorful Careers, where every hue represents a different tale.

International Success Stories

Listen to stories from professionals across continents, giving you a panoramic view of global opportunities.

Geared towards high school students, this platform offers

Spanning across English, Spanish, and Mandarin, our platform bridges the gap between cultures, careers, and classrooms. Find your voice, carve your path, and let every tale empower you towards your own story of triumph.

Industry Deep Dives

With our episodes, delve deep into industries, uncovering nuances, trends, and growth areas, preparing you for what lies ahead.

Cultural Navigation

Understand how to maneuver within diverse work environments, as our guests share tales of adapting, blending, and sometimes challenging the status quo.

Educational Pathways

Discover the roads less traveled in academia. Not every success story starts with an Ivy League education.

Featured Episodes

Dr. Diana E. Ramos is California's second Surgeon General and first Latina Surgeon General. As California's Doctor, her mission is to advance the health and well-being of all Californians. 

Native Tongues

English has long been the lingua franca of scientific research, but focusing primarily on research conducted in a single language excludes thousands of worthwhile experiments, findings, approaches, solutions, and scientists. In this pod, we look at the dangers of science’s preference for English and what fields might gain by embracing different tongues.

A Look Back at Affirmative Action

Touted as a means of diversifying college campuses and the workforce, in the decades since affirmative action was enacted, many have called for its demise. We look back at this history of affirmative action and what its end might mean for the future.


James J. Dunne

James (Jimmy) is a high school student passionate about guiding others in making the best decisions for their lives. 


With his trilingual skills in Spanish, Mandarin and English, he has created this platform to highlight overlooked students and leaders of color in various careers. 


On his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with friends.


Let's Talk

Diverse Data

The history of experimentation is rife with examples of exploitation and bias. In this podcast, we discuss the importance of diverse representation in medical research and clinical trials.

El Licenciado Alejandro Mauricio- maestro de inglés, radica en la ciudad de Saltillo, Mexico. El nos va a contar su historia sobre como llego a ser maestro de inglés en Mexico.

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